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How much does it cost to wrap your car?

Getting your car wrapped in the UK can change dramatically, with so many vehicle wrapping shops opening up it is important to choose the right place. We always recommend not to go for the cheapest especially if there is a big difference in prices (there is usually a reason why they are cheap). 

The average cost to get your car wrapped these days in the UK is £2500, these prices can change depending on the size of your car for example if you have a Mini you would expect it to be a lot cheaper than this, however, if you were having a chrome wrap on a Ferrari it would be a lot more expensive.

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• Gloss, Matt & Satin
• Metallic & Mirror Chrome
• Camo & Candy Colours
• Prestige Vehicles
• Custom Wrap Detailing
• Carbon Fibre
• Black Out (De-Chrome)
• PPF Paint Protection Film

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